Mindfulness Power Breath Techniques 2 Stop Negative Thoughts within Seconds

meditation to control negative thoughts


I want to focus this blog on people who suffer with negative thinking. There are many of us who do. The problem with negative thinking is that, once we get sucked into that mind set of self-criticism; it is difficult to get out from it.

Breathing has the power to inject natural endorphins into our bodies. While the Western world gives out happy pills to subside our anxieties or negative thoughts, our cousins in India, were practicing the art of breathing as a science.

• Research shows that breathing may have the ability to change your body’s genetic instructions.

Imagine that! Suddenly, that the Indians were telling us for so long; only now we have just jumped on board, and beginning to understand the sweet science of breathing for mindfulness.

When our mind is besieged with negative thoughts, it can be difficult to navigate it to positive thinking. In fact, the more we try; the difficult it can become. Trying to fake being positive does not work! This is why a lot of motivational speakers are on the wrong track.

You can’t talk someone into being positive, and stopping negative thoughts without introducing them to the sweet science of self-development which is mindfulness.

This can be achieved just by breathing! No religion, no dogma, or belief systems, just understanding the science of being in the Zen moment or the I am self-realization.

1. So what is this power breath?

2. What is this power breathing all about?

It is being conscious of your inner being. This awakening of self immediately removes the negative thoughts.
It is about tapping into the spiritual reservoir of plenty without even trying. It is about stepping out of the time zone, away from the clutter of life, and just practicing mindfulness. In this reservoir you can drink to your heart contents as each sip will take you deeper into mindfulness without you even trying.

The way we breathe from this reservoir can impact our whole body, helping it to regulate important functions such as heart rate and high blood pressure. It can also reinforce proper body mechanics that put less stress on your body as you move. Deep breathing is also called abdominal or belly breathing.

Right now while you are reading this, you are not aware that you are breathing! The reason being is that we take it for granted. We are more aware of what’s going on inside our heads than tapping into this natural energy.

Herbert Benson was one of the pioneers in mind-body medicine. He identified the body’s relaxation response, which was activated by diaphragmatic breathing and slowed everything down.

Recent research showed that individuals who practiced meditation had changes in 172 genes that regulate everything from inflammation and glucose metabolism to blood pressure and even circadian rhythms.
The power to change your mind set and negative thoughts, all along was within your grasp. The answer was closer than you think.

Mindfulness Exercise
I want you to just to visualise a beautiful still lake, or even a scenic waterfall… You are so taken by its beauty. You notice the gentle soothing wind embracing you as your mind now focus on your breathing…

Breathe in (inhale through your nose) for 4 seconds… hold it for 4 seconds, and breathe (exhale out your mouth) for 8 seconds… Repeat this as often as you like… If you like the sound of running water, imagine that also. As you breathe in, expand your diaphragm (stomach) outwards like a balloon, and then exhale for the same numbers 4 in 2 to hold and 8 exhaling.

Your negative thoughts will have problems competing with this redirection of energy. You can find yourself a quiet spot, and make it your temple space. A kind of holy sanctuary.

You will notice the anxiety or negative thoughts will go within seconds. The reasons for this is because the negative energy is not being fed or encouraged to grow. You have dealt with it swiftly, and made it realise that who are the boss over your mind… body, and spirit.

How to Plan a Successful Life

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10 Tips 2 Unlocking the Secret 2 Staying Young with a Childlike Innocence

How to stay young childlike innocence

When a child is born; the world around them seems to be filled with wonders. The different noises, and smells, overwhelms their precious deep-filled starry eyed wonder. So they cry with joy as they begin to see a colourful world that their senses cannot wait to explore.

Sometimes, they might even get hurt in the process of venturing out, but, this experience never put them off. They continue to explore the world around them… both the pain, and the wonders that life has in store for them.

As children the smell of fresh picked flowers, the small feet paddling in bathwater or the puddles, soon the child forget the pain of the rough of tumbles of life.  They just continue to enjoy the journey that life has to offer. But what has happened to us since then?  life changed us. We lose this sense of childlike wonder. Pain and suffering has aged us forcing us to become bitter.

So we forget what it was like not having a care in the world. We have forgotten about that first crush that pin up on our wall. Life has become like a knife, and sharpened our spirit to such degree that we lost our sense of innocence.

If we have been bullied whether in school, workplace, we begin to build walls around us. We block out the sunlight, the flowers stop growing, we also stop living and laughing as little babies does.

Something has happened to us. What is worse we continue into this cycle of what the world regard to be, ‘maturity.’ Well, I don’t want to be mature! I don’t want to be; if being mature means to stop living, and never enjoying life! I

don’t want to be mature, if it means acting all serious, and not having my spirit rejoicing at the birth of spring when the green grass shows off their colourful bloom .

I have seen what maturity do to people. They take life too seriously! They find it hard being themselves as they have joined the, ‘mature club,’ old farts ready for grave. They don’t respond when the first flower of spring begins to bloom. They are dead inside, and they want you to join their spiritual morgue!

As we get older, we fall in love, we get disappointments in our lives, and the experience dulls our senses. We no longer paddle our feet with wonder when we jump into a lake, or, visit the seaside. We don’t build sandcastles anymore, or hold a tender flower that has just arrived through the moist willing soil, to smell it, and celebrate being alive!

We have joined the old farts club. Well, I am a rebel. I am a rebel for life, and living. Yes, I have been hurt in the past. But, it has never killed my childlike wonder. When I was homeless on the streets, I would look up at the millions of diamond formed dazzling stars wondering if there was life out there in space!

We only stop living when we allow pain, and others to prevent us from smelling again that fresh flower, that Spring proudly gives to us. Spring  reminds us that: we are children of the earth. But we stop living, and cease being human;  when we refuse to look at the wonders, and mysteries, and beauty of life.

I can go to a local park, and it feels like I am heaven. A child with a wild imagination can make jumping into a shallow puddle seem like a sea wave! Heaven is a state of mind it is where children have corned the market with their innocence.

It is no wonder Fred Astaire sang these words:
‘Heaven… I’m in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek.’

When was the last time that our heart beat so fast with the excitement of life? We lose this innocence when we also care too much what other people think about us. Self consciousness can lose this beautiful child like quality.

We love comedy because it is the only time when we can forget about being old farts and really have a belly laugh. We can let down the emotional barriers of acting right and mature and really be lost in the moment.

10 Tips on how to remain childlike as though life has never hurt you

1. Watch a tender movies eating pop corn, pretending you have not seen it before.
2. Pretend when you go to the park it is your first time. You will be surprise how much your sense will pick out different things and smells.
3. Laugh often
4. Act and celebrate life like a child.
5. Keep healthy and fit mentally and physically.
6. Stop thinking negatively it will age you
7. Look out for figures in the clouds and see how many shapes you can see
8. Always revert to watching movies you saw in your childhood
9. Have a pillow fight with a friend loved ones etc…
10. Read children’s book. I read Brothers Grimm, and Handerson

Having innocence is a beautiful thing as you love as though you were never hurt before. You kiss, like it was your first time. You make love differently and never the same way. Most of all, it shows the world that no matter what you have gone through, you are alive! You have maintained that innocence.

When you come alive, people will be uncomfortable. They are still in land of, ‘the living dead.’ When you have a beaming light around you, a smile than can launch a thousand ships, they won’t like it. When you have maintained your innocence, and childlike wonder; despite all that life has thrown at you, the reward of living is then yours.

Remember that trying to get people to understand your special journey of innocence is like trying to give garlic to a vampire! Enjoy your innocence and your journey. Create the world that you want to see by acting it! Heaven is around you and it starts with your imagination!

Let it run wild. Let your imagination be like a wild horse escaping to freedom! Gallop through the grassland at break neck speed not looking back, and refusing to be put back into the barn!

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Why Human Motivation and Spiritual Will Power 2 Survive Is Difficult to Sustain

The will power to live

If you use a computer on battery, or a powerful device radio, eventually the energy runs down. There is nothing more frustrating than having to recharge a dead machine back to its’ full power in order to get it up and running again.

Similarly, human beings, our lives, and our will power is similar. When things are going good, and there are no challenges; we have a feel good factor. Our relationships are going well, the bills are paid on time; we just had a promotion; the hedge is trimmed neat.

Life is beautiful, so we look forward to another day.

So far the battery is charged. So our motivation for life is a score of 10 out of 10. But, anyone can sustain high levels of motivation and will power at this level.  Of course, just as long as there are no challenges ahead. We cannot really test how; we can handle pressure or strain if we suddenly lose it all.

We all heard the popular phrase, ‘to get motivated.’ But this is easier said than done. Most of the time; the people that tells us this: are usually running on a full battery!

However, when you are feeling a level 2 or 3 out of 10, having no motivation for life; it’s a different set of rules all together.

No can tell you what it is like to climb the Mount Everest unless they have done it. Unless you have suffered depression, or low moods; you cannot motivate anyone or even write about it!

The human spirit is similar to this dead battery. When the energy runs low; it is hard to pump it back up again.  Sometimes listening to the right message can give us that spiritual boost.

Another coping method to consider, is to know this low feeling will pass.

As long long as we remember, that low feelings do not last forever; we can prepare for a plan of action to prepare for another day.

If you have a plant that is dying, you don’t just give up on it.  What do you do to rescue it? Of course; you give the plant water.  Suddenly it stirs back to life again.  it wakes up again. Everything is living energy to even the plants. Without this water… the plant withers, and eventually dies.

You are more precious than a plant. When you are feeling low, you don’t need a miracle pill to boost your motivation or will power to live!  Just recognizing how you are feeling at this moment in time.

Do not feel guilty that sometimes you will find life challenging.  It is not your fault. As I stated… anyone can be a 10 when not faced with life challenges!

But you are special.  Because once you get out of this feeling; it will make you stronger than someone who’s never walked into your shoe. Your have built your immunity to spiritual suffering.

Did you know people who suffer in life, can deal with hardships, and challenges better that life throws at them… than those who never walked the walk… or talk the talk?

Coping Strategies

  • Smile more this can trick the mind as to how you are really feeling and can work. …
  • Portray a confident appearance one of my favorite. …
  • Keep a compliment journal. …
  • Celebrate your wins. …
  • Think about what you are good at and that could be anything. …
  • Reflect on your past achievements. …
  • Confide in a trusted friend. …
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

A little about me!  I have walked that walk! I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth!  I was in children’s home, and was an unloved and sensitive child.

I was made homeless, which my books go into!  I remembered walking the empty unlit streets, just staring up at the black starry skies wondering: ‘if God existed why was I sleeping in garbage?’

Do you want to know what kept me going? What kept me going was just a small light in my broken heart that refused to go out!  I could have turned to drugs, and crime… but this flickering flame gave me hope. One day I would be off the streets.  I had no motivation… all I had was the will power to live, and to get off the cold wintry streets.

Once I had my first studio flat, and landed on my feet; I start to study, and the rest is history.

I have had some painful experiences living on the streets, things that would have given many people nightmares.

But today I have a generous smile, and I give healing, and love to so many broken people. The reason why I am a good teacher and healer is because I know what is like to lose hope. I also motivate many kids to stay off drugs and there was not one that I could not help!

I also know what it is like to survive on only a small flicker of light burning in my heart that became my only will power to keep me going.

How to Plan a Successful Life covers many true stories of people who were living on the streets and are now millionaires! My own story is also mentioned!  I did not stop believing in me. And guess what! I believe in you!

Books for increasing will power and motivation
Self help book for increasing will power and boost confidence instantly!

This book is packed with powerful life changing mantras for will power, confidence health and a positive mindset.  It is designed, and written to deprogram your mind from self hate and negative thinking and recharging your batteries.

You will notice during reading book, which before even finishing it, an amazing boost of confidence, increase in will power, and zest for living.

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Reiki holistic well being gift voucher Telford Shropshire

Well being gift voucher


                                                Online Session Available

Well being mindfulness is increasingly popular during a time when the pandemic and other challenges have really caused a mental and spiritual crisis.  More people than ever before are looking into well being, and mindfulness as an alternative to the fast pace of modern life.

The latest gadgets are cool, the hottest fashion trendy, but still, these addictions fall short when it comes to mindfulness, well being, and mental health.

A lot of people now are buying health vouchers for spas, gyms and hotels for their loved ones.  What is trending now, are gift vouchers dealing with mindfulness and well being. It is fast becoming trendy.

We all need from time to time that moment to be in the Zen… the moment of mindfulness. And this is where the gift vouchers come in.

The lucky recipient of the voucher will receive the following treatment:

Well being voucher
Well being mental health voucher gift
  1. Learning how to calm the mind
  2. Reiki hands on healing
  3. Indian head massage
  4. Stress management coping methods
  5. Increase positive feeling
  6. Relaxation music therapy and much more…

It will be a voucher that will be gratefully received! It is an ideal gift for anyone who has it all… but need peace of mind!  It is an ideal gift that suits anyone from any religious background, orientation, or even age…

It is an ideal gift for:

  1. Wedding anniversary
  2. Valentine celebration
  3. Retirement present
  4. Work events
  5. Birthdays
  6. Christmas
  7. Graduation presents and much more…

Prices are:

  1. £30 Voucher session lasts forty minutes.
  2. £50 Voucher session last full Hr

Online Zoom Skype Prices are: £20 forty minutes or  £40 full hr

You can text or email me with any questions for a friendly reply.  07507486532 or apositivelifestyle@yahoo.com

Once payment has been made, voucher will be sent to you.


Spiritual Meditation Community Group Telford Shiftnal Shropshire

Well being Meditation Group Telford

The lock down pandemic has changed the vibration of our lives in a drastic way. Many of us being challenged by the isolation are now moving towards spirituality and well being.

Some of us, it had made an impact on our mental health. Whatever the reasons; it has encouraged us to explore improving our mindset and well being.

This group is also for people who are meditating for the first time, and just want to know the benefits, and how to go about doing it.

I am starting up a new community based spiritual based meditation group in Telford. It will be unique, relaxing, with the focus on improving:

1. Well being
2. Positive thinking
3. Mindfulness
4. Relaxing music
5. Motivational
6. Inspiring devotions
7. Chanting vibration
8. Group reiki healing
9. Breathing techniques and much more….

It is so unique, that live music will also be available! There will also be opportunities to purchase any relaxation cds that you liked listening too, and positive life changing books!

It is multi faith which means that anyone can come along and get involved. It will be a friendly and open minded people who are warm, and without judgement is welcomed. No one will be left out but embraced regardless of:

1. Race
2. Sex
3. Sexual orientation
4. Or Religious beliefs…

It is a great way to meet new friends and widen your horizon!


There will be opportunity to make new friends during tea and biscuit refreshments break. Please notify via email of any allergies that you might have. I myself am dairy free.


There are 3 possible locations to be decided:
1. Kynnersley
2. Leegomery Community Centre
3. LilleShall

Chairs will be available, but, you can bring your own comfortable mats if you wish to lie down and just drown in the ambiance of sounds and pleasant atmosphere.


It should cost no more than £7 depending on venue and parking availability.

We are looking for new members to get this awesome and exciting spiritual mission off the ground. You can help make it grow by joining, and spreading the word…

To add to our joining list; please email stating you are interested in turning up and getting this going: