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Well being gift voucher


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Well being mindfulness is increasingly popular during a time when the pandemic and other challenges have really caused a mental and spiritual crisis.  More people than ever before are looking into well being, and mindfulness as an alternative to the fast pace of modern life.

The latest gadgets are cool, the hottest fashion trendy, but still, these addictions fall short when it comes to mindfulness, well being, and mental health.

A lot of people now are buying health vouchers for spas, gyms and hotels for their loved ones.  What is trending now, are gift vouchers dealing with mindfulness and well being. It is fast becoming trendy.

We all need from time to time that moment to be in the Zen… the moment of mindfulness. And this is where the gift vouchers come in.

The lucky recipient of the voucher will receive the following treatment:

Well being voucher
Well being mental health voucher gift
  1. Learning how to calm the mind
  2. Reiki hands on healing
  3. Indian head massage
  4. Stress management coping methods
  5. Increase positive feeling
  6. Relaxation music therapy and much more…

It will be a voucher that will be gratefully received! It is an ideal gift for anyone who has it all… but need peace of mind!  It is an ideal gift that suits anyone from any religious background, orientation, or even age…

It is an ideal gift for:

  1. Wedding anniversary
  2. Valentine celebration
  3. Retirement present
  4. Work events
  5. Birthdays
  6. Christmas
  7. Graduation presents and much more…

Prices are:

  1. £30 Voucher session lasts forty minutes.
  2. £50 Voucher session last full Hr

Online Zoom Skype Prices are: £20 forty minutes or  £40 full hr

You can text or email me with any questions for a friendly reply.  07507486532 or

Once payment has been made, voucher will be sent to you.


Health and Well Being Work Related Stress Health Telford Shrewsbury

Work Related Stress Telford Shrewsbury

Health and Well Being Work Related Stress Health Telford Shrewsbury

Health and Well Being is now an important aspect of our lives. But what is ‘Well Being’ in the context of modern life?  How do we avoid stress, if we can at all?  These are issues and questions which we face on a daily basis. Firstly, ‘Well Being,’ means: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

We don’t know really how we can achieve this state of being comfortable until we have had therapy to balance out the stresses of life that we deal with on a daily basis.  To be comfortable means that we don’t fall into a black hole of depression but remain at a level where we can cope with the stresses and strains that life throws at us.

When our well being is balanced, and we can cope with life, our health improves. If our minds are stressed out and anxious, we make poor decisions and our health suffers as a result. The two components go hand in hand.  If we have good health and well being then this creates a feeling of happiness.

When we are happy we feel as though we can take on the world with energy reserve. It is all about looking after our minds in order to achieve this: Health and Well Being.

Stress at Work

Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury. … Thus, challenge is an important ingredient for healthy and productive work.

As stated before, what triggers off ill health and lack of vitality, or even depression, is when we are loaded with life challenges, but don’t have the time to step back and recharge the battery.  This is what my therapy will do for you!

This intensive counselling session, will not only be in a relaxing ambiance, but getting you to do deal with anxieties, work related stress, and finding coping strategies, which work. These sessions are also available online at a cheaper rate.

After Each Session You Will Experience:

  1. A deep feeling of spiritual recharge
  2. Improved sleep
  3. reduction in depression and anxiety
  4. Pain relief
  5. Deep Positive feeling and great confidence
  6. Increase energy
  7. Emotional healing and release
  8. Help mental clarity
  9. Strengthen the immune system
  10. Increase in energy and much more…

Prices are:

£30 Forty minutes

£50 One Hr intensive counselling session

You can text or email me with any questions for a friendly reply.  07507486532 or

All counselling is confidential!


Reiki Healing 4 Covid Depression Anxiety Work related Stress Staffordshire

Telford Staffordshire Cannock Reiki Healing depression Stress

Reiki Therapy For Depression and Anxiety Work-related Stress

Optional Online Counselling healing available after the first face to face session

Life has been challenging of late, since the arrival of covid which has led to an increase in depression and mental health for the people living in Staffordshire.

Depression is a dark mood where you feel like what is the point in getting out of bed.  It can be triggered off because of bereavement, abuse, being bullied or feelings of hopelessness because of being overwhelmed by pressures of life.

Other types of depression are ones which are not so easily defined.  They are the ones which are to do with the chemical imbalances of the brain.

Reiki Healing Staffordshire
Depression. Anxiety Work related stress

No one should have to suffer alone.  I lost a friend to suicide because he was depressed.  I know how important it is to:

  1. Listen
  2. Not to judge
  3. Show Empathy and understanding

These are the qualities that are needed when face to face with someone who is suffering deep depression what ever the reasons.

But please remember my friend; you don’t have to suffer alone during this dark, and dreary tunnel!

Reiki healing is a powerful energy that is good for easing depression, and uplifting the human spirit.  It is a kind of spiritual pampering as the deep healing washes away the deep blues.

What to Expect During Reiki Healing

  1. Hand on healing
  2. Nice warm tingling sensation in the body
  3. Emotional jubilation or release
  4. Tearful therapy
  5. Spiritual Detoxing and more…

After the reiki therapy some people find it dramatic. It is life changing because you are dealing with real pain and deep issues that has been buried.  Once your mind and body breathes through this doorway you will get through the other side and be the person you were meant to be.

Prices are:

£30 Forty minutes Reiki Healing

£50 One Hr intensive reiki healing and intensive counselling session

You can text or email me with any questions for a friendly reply.  07507486532 or

Please note, therapy is also available online if you are not within travelling distance.

Natural Ways To Build Your Immune System from Viruses

Boost your immune system


Natural Ways To Build Your Immune System from Viruses

Part One

As children we were taught that: ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Most of us will remember that saying.  Those were the days when children were encouraged to eat fruit, and to enjoy a balanced diet.

But sadly today when we become ill, the doctors seldom encourages us to resort to fruit, and fresh air, but seems to be more concerned about pushing the pills. There are reasons for this.

Each year about half of all US doctors accept money or gifts from drugs and device companies totally more than 2 billion.  These payments ranges from free meals during which our doctors listen to drugs prep pitching their latest products, to travel to luxury hotels to serve as paid consultants.

So already there is a conflict of interest because our doctors really do not care about our health but keeping us ill, and reliant upon the drug companies. It is big business for them that we do not get better.

Everything we need we can find in our food which I will go into in my net blog. Because there isn’t one disease that we have which cannot be cured by healthy eating.  But you and I are not supposed to have this knowledge as the drugs industries would collapse to their knees.

What is Immunity?

In biology, immunity is the capability of multicellular organisms to resist harmful microorganisms. Immunity involves both specific and nonspecific components. The nonspecific components act as barriers or eliminators of a wide range of pathogens irrespective of their antigenic make-up.

But how to we protect ourselves and build up this resistance?

How to Build your Immune System Up Naturally 

  1. Get enough sleep. Sleep and immunity are closely tied. …
  2. Eat more whole plant foods. …
  3. Eat more healthy fats. …
  4. Eat more fermented foods or take a probiotic supplement. …
  5. Limit added sugars. …
  6. Engage in moderate exercise. …
  7. Stay hydrated drinking loads of water. …
  8. Manage your stress levels at all times.

 Many of us are not aware that we become ill because mostly down to lack of sleep, and surviving on high levels of stress.  Stress is a number one top killer.

The drug industry loves to push pills for heart attack victims and those suffering from strokes, rather than educate us on prevention.

I want to cover the miracle of drinking water which will really surprise you.  If having your daily five fruit is important, then you must make sure to add this to your daily routine!

Value of drinking Plenty of Water Daily

Water is not only good for your skin and flushes out toxins from your body, but it has other benefits.

Water can do wonders for your body, especially when it works as an immune system booster. Thanks to water’s miraculous properties, you can take advantage of this extremely versatile, natural immune booster in order to help improve your health and well-being.

Natural Chinese Remedy
Why Chinese Drink Warm and hot water

Under the precepts of Chinese medicine, balance is key, and hot or warm water is considered essential to balance cold and humidity; in addition, it is believed to promote blood circulation and toxin release. So drinking hot or warm water the Chinese considers to be a great booster for the immune system.

Weight loss

Hot water is great for maintaining a healthy metabolism, which is what you want if you are trying to shed a few kilos. The best way to do this is to kick start your metabolism early in the morning with a glass of hot water and lemon. As an added bonus, hot water will help to break down the adipose tissue (aka body fat) in your body.

Body detoxification

Hot water is fantastic for helping your body to detox. When you drink hot water, your body temperature begins to rise, which results in sweat.

You want this to happen because it helps to release toxins from your body and cleanse it properly. For optimal results, add a squeeze of lemon before drinking.

 Better digestion

Hot water is particularly beneficial for digestion. Studies have shown that drinking cold water during or after a meal can harden the oil present in the consumed foods. This can create a fat deposit on the inner wall of your intestine, which can eventually result in intestinal cancer. However, if you replace the glass of cold water with a hot one, you can avoid this problem.

Try this for a month and come back and share your result with me!

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Alternative Health Dairy intolerance link With and sleep apnoea

Dairy free products

Alternative Health Dairy intolerance link With and sleep apnoea

I was talking to someone dear about her problem with sleep apnoea. What was of interest to me was the fact that she stops breathing 3 to 4 times a night.  She also shared with me that having almost been at deaths door where she finds herself clutching to dear life for want of oxygen… left her totally petrified.

Many people suffer from sleep apnoea for many different reasons according to doctors. But let us look at some of these:

1. Obesity
2. Small necks
3. Diet intolerance
4. Age Factor
5. Taking medicine
6. Alcohol abuse and so on…

The top 6 are reasons given by doctors as to why sleep apnoea is causing problems for us.  However, I disagree with their findings and believe that milk is the cause for reasons I will now explain.

What is interesting was the fact that my sleep apnoea was really severe! And wait for the shock. I would stop breathing, or have interrupted sleep patterns seventy seven times a night!

Having I gone on in this way; I would have ended up with heart disease or ended up with a heart attack. I was given an oxygen machine, by the hospital, but all it did was to create more mucus which meant that it was not working for me!

The doctors hate the word, ‘alternative health,’ because big drug companies keeps them in business just pushing needless pills. I was desperate, because modern medicine was not working for me. I was blacking out unconscious while driving! I was in a bad state.  I knew my problem could not be weight related or alcohol abuse as they had suggested.

A friend of mine whose granddaughter had the same problem; suggested that I come off dairy. Katy, was really into natural health and alternative therapy. I had nothing to lose. So I tried it thus cutting out all milk that came from cows.

Cow milk allergy
Cow milk allergies sleep apnoea

Three months later I stopped blacking out! I stopped snoring at night, and my breathing was not behind held at night! I shared this experience with someone else who had the same problem a man called Mark. It had nothing to do with my weight, but it was intolerance to milk that came from cows.

Sadly, western medicine is all about making the drug companies fat rich while we become reliant upon their poison. As far as they are concerned, nothing else works only their drugs. But this is not the truth. I am the living proof of that.

Ever since coming off dairy, anything link with cow milk, my health has improved. And I did not need anyone pushing pills at me. Coming off milk will be life changing. It also means when you go out shopping; you will need to read the food packaging carefully. Not to worry though because all allergies will come up in black writing. So look out for:

1. Contains milk

Please note, if it says that it is may contain milk it does not! What they mean is that  the food was made in a factory where milk is being produced. There is a big difference.

This products contains milk is different to may contain milk

Please also note that major supermarkets will have sections named, Free From. They tend to specialise in food that has hardly any allergies such as:

  1. Nuts,
  2. Wheat,
  3. Milk etc…
Common food allergies
Common food allergies

You will find that they tend over price the food. But remember that you can browse other shelves where other food might not contain milk and will be much cheaper!

If you have sleep disorder, or what is commonly called sleep apnoea, the high chances are it is because you have a milk intolerance. Remember, to see the positive results you need to come off dairy for three months.

Because I am dairy intolerance I will be doing a series of blogs in the area. I will also be giving you tips of what soya milk to use, what food to avoid, and how to live a happy and healthy life without cow milk. Please update me when you have tried this for yourself!

It would be good to know of your progress and how leaving out milk from cows have changed your health for the better.

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