Covid Anxiety Depression Reiki Healing Telford Shrewsbury

Many people suffering from covid fatigue, feel a sense of walking through a dark winding tunnel which seems endless…   I have helped people from, Shrewsbury, Telford, to Wolverhampton, and Shifnal, survive this challenging pandemic.

We have experienced the many lock downs along with uncertainties, that is becoming our every day normality.  As a result many people, are suffering from mental health issues from: depression, to long term anxieties.

But, you can see light at the end of this miserable tunnel, as suffering, and pain, do not last forever…. There has to be a rainbow after the rain!

My spiritual counselling, reiki therapy treatment will recharge your emotional well being, giving you that extra vibrant boost.  This reiki treatment can be done in person, or even online!

My Zoom and Skype online reiki sessions, usually involves therapeutic music, and sending out positive waves of healing, and this is adaptable for your comfort…   07507486532

Healing reiki in Telford