Covid Reiki Healing 4 Depression Telford Shrewsbury

Holistic Reiki Therapy For Depression and Anxiety

Life has been challenging of late, since the arrival of covid which has led to an increase in depression and mental health for the people in Telford and Shrewbury areas.

Depression is a dark mood where you feel like what is the point in getting out of bed.  It can be triggered off because of bereavement, abuse, being bullied or feelings of hopelessness.  Other types of depression are one which are not so easily defined.  They are the ones which are to do with the chemical imbalances of the brain.

Depression. Anxiety Telford Shrewsbury

No one should have to suffer alone.  I lost a friend to suicide because he was depressed.  I know how important it is to:

  1. Listen
  2. Not to judge
  3. Show Empathy and understanding

These are the qualities that are needed when face to face with someone who is suffering deep depression.

But please remember my friend, you don’t have to suffer alone during this dark, and dreary tunnel!  As covid lock down, and social distancing is proving to be challenging, many of us have the lost the ability to connect; to be human again!

Reiki healing is a powerful energy that is good for easing depression, and uplifting the human spirit.  It is a kind of spiritual pampering as the deep healing washes away the deep blues. Don’t suffer alone!  I have helped many people in your position and I won’t let you down!

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