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Telford Shrewsbury Reiki Counselling 4 Domestic Violence Abusive Relationships

Domestic violence and abusive relationships, leaves spiritual and mental scars. But until you are caught up inside this dark twisting web, it is hard to know what is happening, or how you got there in the first place! But what defines domestic abuse?

Domestic violence
Domestic abuse is not just physical it is emotional it is words!

It’s when there is violent, abusive or bullying behaviour or actions towards a partner or former partner to scare and control them. It can happen at home or outside the home. It causes fear and harm to the body, mind and spirit. Most abusers who carry out these actions do so in order to:

1. Break you down psychologically
2. Total Control over you
3. Do so because of sexual inadequacy
4. Compensating lack of masculinity and much more…
Domestic violence is a criminal act and should be reported to a trusted authority. And as stated, verbal abuse is now deemed under the same category. I have worked with women who have had their confidence smashed and felt ugly because of coming out of relationships where they were constantly ridiculed. All this comes under, the need to control. In order for a man to control you he first must ‘love,’ you but after the abuse always follows.

MT Huss, J Langhinrichsen-Rohling – Law and Human Behavior, 2006

Scholarly research has shown that most domestic violence abusers many of them are psychopaths. They have no emotions and will never admit to the harm they are causing you or the long term emotional effects.

They will move on from one victim to another… They are so clever at what they do that at first, they romance you with flowers, before the abuse follows.

Many women suffering from the side effects of domestic violence whether physical, emotional, or verbal, carries that deep scar. And it does change you. The light you once had and that laughter suddenly seems to just disappear. You no longer dress the way you used too because he would control your wardrobe. While he survived, inwardly you died!

In order to understand healing from domestic violence or toxic relationship; we need to explore how you got into that web. It can be painful going through that door and reopening it. But going through it and understanding the process you will never put yourself in that position again!

Most domestic violence abuse is about power. It is about men wanting to control women, and we see these truths even in patriarchal controlled religion. Women are seen as lesser creation, bringing sin into the world or sexualized for male gratification, and for his friends to leer over. It is a male world and women are just convenient to have his babies or become a social trophy.

How Psychopaths Shift the Blame onto you

Most women after being emotionally or physically abused feels defiled, helpless and confused. She feels like she has failed in life. She is always blaming herself! Stop it! You are not to blame! He will blame you because:

1. You didn’t make his tea right
2. You wore a skirt too short
3. ]You answered him back
4. You didn’t kept the house the way he liked it
5. You put on weight

With your confidence and personality already under attack, he sucks you deeper into his web. The predators will remind you that you were asking for it. This is to further serve as brainwashing so that you do not see his actions as criminal.

So therefore there is no police involvement. This might explain why the majority women do not report domestic violence and abuse.

Reiki healing whether we do it Zoom Skype Online, or face to face, it about untangling the web of deceit and deep pain that is preventing you from breathing. You will feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation, and letting go… but please note, that as you dig up any plant, you will see the bare root at the bottom!

Sometimes things that we want to keep hidden will show themselves and it will be raw. Psychopaths who leave you in this state do so because they want to control your life and it does not matter whether the relationship is over. It is about domination and it is about hate.

What to Expect During Reiki Healing

1. Hand on healing
2. Nice warm tingling sensation in the body
3. Emotional jubilation or release
4. Tearful therapy
5. Spiritual Detoxing and more…

After the reiki therapy some people find it dramatic. It is life changing because you are dealing with real pain and deep issues that has been buried. Once your mind and body breathes through this doorway you will get through the other side and be the person you were meant to be.

Prices are:

£30 Forty minutes Reiki Healing
£50 One Hr intensive reiki healing and intensive counselling session
You can text or email me with any questions for a friendly reply. 07507486532 or

Please note, therapy is also available online if you are not within travelling distance.

Deep Emotional Healing Reiki From Sexual Abuse Telford Shrewsbury

Deep Healing counselling from Sexual Abuse Telford Shrewsbury

Most women who begin smoking do so for all kinds of reasons.  One of the reasons are:  peer pressure, or just simply  boredom.  However, there are other people who smoke, or self harm… do so because they are battling with either unconscious traumas, and  hidden pain which she seldom is aware off. Abuse which took place in their childhood or even in later life…

This is how we deal with pain.  We block it out and substitute it just to disguise the pain that we are feeling.

Women  who have been victims of sexual abuse tends to end up hiding behind excessive smoking hoping that the nicotine will dull the deep pain within her soul or she becomes alcohol dependent. These are ways that she numbs the pain within and substitute the abuse.

The addiction to nicotine acts a bandage to cover up the emotional traumas; whether it be sexual or psychological abuse. Understanding emotional blockage and untying the knot is the key.

By understanding why we are addicted to certain behaviors such as self hate, blaming ourselves, will be crucial as only then can healing becomes effective.

How I help my clients with these kinds of traumas is by getting deep down to the root using:

  1. Breathing exercises
  2. Guided  Relaxation
  3. Healing Reiki Energy.
  4. Holistic therapy. 
  5. Intensive unconscious reprogramming the mind 
  6. Intensive counselling
  7. Personalise Mp3 download music can be made for you!

You will find the sessions are, soothing, and having a very high success rate.  If you are an avid smoker, or alcohol dependent, or self harming, after therapy, you will feel better and start to learn to love and accept whom you are as a woman without the guilt.

I can help you to break the cycle of hating yourself and blaming you, with intensive therapy which will lead to you changing your mindset and starting to live your life again….!

Online therapy is also available!

All treatments are confidential.

For more details:  email:

Telephone: 07507486532

Covid Reiki Healing 4 Depression Telford Shrewsbury

Holistic Reiki Therapy For Depression and Anxiety

Life has been challenging of late, since the arrival of covid which has led to an increase in depression and mental health for the people in Telford and Shrewbury areas.

Depression is a dark mood where you feel like what is the point in getting out of bed.  It can be triggered off because of bereavement, abuse, being bullied or feelings of hopelessness.  Other types of depression are one which are not so easily defined.  They are the ones which are to do with the chemical imbalances of the brain.

Depression. Anxiety Telford Shrewsbury

No one should have to suffer alone.  I lost a friend to suicide because he was depressed.  I know how important it is to:

  1. Listen
  2. Not to judge
  3. Show Empathy and understanding

These are the qualities that are needed when face to face with someone who is suffering deep depression.

But please remember my friend, you don’t have to suffer alone during this dark, and dreary tunnel!  As covid lock down, and social distancing is proving to be challenging, many of us have the lost the ability to connect; to be human again!

Reiki healing is a powerful energy that is good for easing depression, and uplifting the human spirit.  It is a kind of spiritual pampering as the deep healing washes away the deep blues. Don’t suffer alone!  I have helped many people in your position and I won’t let you down!

Saph 07507486532  or